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We Bake Memories

Happy Easter! Easter is April 5th, a beautiful month filled with spring colors, rain showers, gardening and of course delectable desserts and treats. Don't forget to order your light and fluffy pastries, cakes, pies, cupcakes and more. Order your treats or stop by the bakery today!


                                                                             Our Easter Menu 

Easter inspired cupcakes $1.75 each or 1/2 dozen for $10.00 or $18.00 for a dozen

Easter Pies $15.00 each available flaovrs: orange meringue, chocolate cream, key lime, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, banana cream, coconut cream, black forest, lemon cream, pink lemonade or peanut butter fudge

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows $1.00 each cute marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with Easter sprinkles. Individually wrapped

Raspberry Roll $15.00 each  Tender moist cake wrapped around smooth creamy raspberry filling and finished off with a sprinkle of fluffy coconut

Lemon Roll $15.00 each Tender vanilla cake wrapped around smooth creamy lemon filling topped with more lemon buttercream

Spring Time Layer Cake $10.00 each  Bright and colorful, our cake starts with a bottom layer of orange cake, then raspberry and on top a lovely lemon layer, with yummy buttercream in between each cake layer. Yum!

Bunny Cake $20.00 serves 12-15  Festively decorated bunny cake makes a beautiful centerpiece. Any flavor cake of your choice. Buttercream frosting.

Cake Truffles $.85 each or 1/2 lb box $10.00 or 1lb box $17.00  available Spring time flavors: chocolate, strawberry, lemon, orange, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, banana cream, key lime, cheesecake, pina colada, blackberry or amaretto

Easter Cookies $.65 each

8" Carrot Cake $25.00  moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and carrot decorations

Easter Petite Fours $.85 each in luscious spring flavors: orange, raspberry, lemon, carrot, strawberry or chocolate

Chocolate Peanut butter eggs $1.50 each


Call or stop by today to get your Easter goodies! 

Easter cake

orange meringue pie

blueberry pie

spring time layer cake

Easter petite fours

Easter petite fours

Carrot cake

chocolate cream pie

lemon cake roll

lemon cream pie

Easter cookies

Easter cake truffles

Heavenly Delights Bakery was established in 2001. We strive to make high quality treats at an affordable rate.
Heavenly Delights bake high quality goods made in small batches. No mass-producing here.  Just like you would make in your own home kitchen. What makes us even more special is our bakery is designed to put the customers needs first. We are willing to work with any budget to ensure a beautiful cake within our customer's budget.  All of our cakes are a one of a kind custom made to order specialty. We make our flowers and edible pearls hand made. Exact detail goes into all our creations to make them truely unique.

In our bakery we offer freshly prepared baked goods made from the freshest ingredients available. Whether it's your 1st anniversary or your 50th, we have the perfect sweet treat to celebrate. Heavenly Delights is your one stop shop for all things sweet in weddings.

Things that set us apart from other bakeries:

* It's a homemade piece of heaven

* It's an original recipe passed down from five generations

* It's made out of the finest fresh ingredients from local farmers

* It's accented with a glaze and icing made from scratch.

We also offer pillars, stairways, fountains and specialty cake stands for a rental fee to make your wedding cake special!

Proud member of the Maine Wedding Association. We have a booth at the Augusta Armory bridal show every year!





2013 Bridal Show Booth

2013 Bridal Show Booth

2013 Bridal Show Booth

2012 Wedding Cake Awards


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